Homeschooling Saints - Episode 106

 Our Mindset, or the way we think about things, has a powerful influence on the kind of life we build. Today’s guest, Ginny Kochis, is here to help us with Cultivating a Catholic Growth Mindset.


Find Ginny Kochis, her community, and her many original and recommended resources at:


Catholic growth mindset article:

Made for Greatness: A Catholic Growth Mindset Journal for Courageous Catholic Youth:

Made for Greatness: Thrive Edition (Catholic Growth Mindset Survival Guide for Tweens and Teens)


Previous Episodes with Ginny Kochis:


Episode 101: Building Executive Function Skills in Moms and Kids

Episode 9: Homeschooling Kids Who are Wired Differently


Today's Short Feature: Chantal Howard, Ideal to Real

Topic: Discerning Roles



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