Homeschooling Saints - Episode 100

 Today, it’s our joy to be celebrating our 100th episode with the founders of Homeschool Connections, the sponsors of our program, Walter Crawford and Maureen Wittmann. If you’re able to pause and relax with us, we’ll be raising a glass together and having a virtual party, and we’d love to have you join in!


We’re going to talk about our own homeschools, our favorite homeschooling tips, podcast episodes, worst homeschool day ever, favorite easy meals, and inviting YOU to be a part of Homeschooling Saints! Don’t miss this!




Our Favorite Resources:


For the Love of Literature, by Maureen Wittmann


Better Late Than Early, by Raymond & Dorothy Moore


Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, by Laura Berquist


The Way Home, by Mary Pride


Today's Short Feature:

Paola Ciskanik, The Thriving Catholic Homeschool Blueprint

Topic: Tapping into the Grace of YES



Thank you to the following contributors who made this podcast possible:

Our Sponsor

Homeschooling Saints Theme Music Composed by Taylor Kirkwood

Intro voice Dave Palmer radio personality and author of St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone

Our host Lisa Mladinich


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